White House Fence Jumper, Omar Gonzalez, Considered Danger to the President

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After investigations into the profile of Omar Gonzales: the man who scaled the fence outside the White House and literally walked through the front door. Authorities discovered several shocking details about the Iraq war veteran, which bring into question the effectiveness of the Secret Service. Gonzales managed to breach the White House with a 3 1/2″ Knife and 800 rounds of Ammo in his vehicle.

Gonzales, who has been homeless from three months had been arrested in July, later being charged for possession of a shot-gun and for fleeing police in Virginia. Upon arrest, they also discovered several assault rifles in his vehicle, along with a map of Washington D.C complete with a circle drawn around the White House. This prompted Virginia police to alert the Secret Service about their arrest of Gonzales.

If he wasn’t under enough suspicion already, Gonzales was also apprehended just one month ago on August. 25, walking along the south fence of the White House, and was also found to be in possession of a hatchet. He was not arrested on this occasion, after a search of his car yielded no evidence of firearms or other weapons.

Events came to a head on Friday, where the war veteran made his move. Without intervention from security, he sprinted across the lawn and went through the –unlocked- front door of the White House, making it inside mere hours after Obama and his family had vacated the building.

This astounding breach of security has raised some disturbing questions: primarily, how did he make it to the front door without being caught? If the secret service were aware of his activities, why was he not spotted prior to his attempt?

Jeh Johnson, head of the Department of Homeland Security, has urged us not to judge the security officers who only had seconds to act. With this in mind, does it not only take a few seconds for such a situation to escalate and to threaten lives?

Finally, this raises issues regarding the treatment of War Veterans. Gonzales had served in the U.S Army for over a decade, yet was homeless for three months following the breach. Is enough being done for those that fight for this country?

The next court hearing for Gonzales’ most recent offense will be held on October 1 st.

[via ABC News]

Matthew Tomlin | News Cult