Sleepy Heads Rejoice for Season 2 of ‘Sleepy Hollow’

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Last spring Fox hit gold in the form of the fantastical reprise of Ichabod Crane’s horrendous battle with a Headless Horsemen. Monday night Crane and his heroic companion Abbie Mills returned to stellar fervor in Sleepy Hollow. The battle for Earth itself is left in the hands of these two as they face evils from beyond the grave.

Season one ended on a cliffhanger. Crane’s (Tm Mison) devious son Henry (John Noble, Fringe) revealed his allegiance with Moloch as the Horseman of War. Seeking to set his master free, he banished Mills (Nicole Beharie, 42) to Purgatory and trapped his father in a wooden coffin. Season two opens exactly where we left off. After discovering their reality wasn’t, our two witnesses go into panic mode as the war against Moloch inches ever closer.

Once briefly reunited their mission involves investigating Benjamin Franklin’s experiments’ link to the plight at hand. A certain key is the only way to free Abbie from the dark woods of Purgatory. Enlisting Abbie’s sister Jenny, Crane they search archives to find the key’s hiding place. Meanwhile in subplot land, Crane’s wife Katrina has been brought to Earth only to be a prisoner of Abraham, the Headless archrival of Crane. Once upon a time, he asked for her hand in marriage. Her betrayal fuels his blight against Crane.

Our trio of heroes is finally reunited, but to hollow victory. They may have won this skirmish but nothing will prepare them for the demon army Moloch plans to resurrect. A vessel of War is crafted for Henry to control as Moloch and he strategize their next move.

There’s truly nothing like Sleepy Hollow on the air. As light as it seems, it’s entertaining and executes what it’s presenting perfectly.

Lorin Williams | News Cult