5 Ways Online Dating Is The Absolutely Worst

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Between hectic schedules and lack of prospects, it’s no wonder today’s twenty-something population turns to online dating to find their next mate. Sounds easy enough, you get to see the person’s picture, Google them, Facebook stalk them, whatever. However, you never really understand just how much of a misery online dating is until you experience it for yourself.

In case you want to learn for other people’s mistakes and save yourself a massive headache, here are 5 ways online dating is the absolute worst.

False Advertising

The major downfall with online dating is simple: what you see isn’t always what you get. That 6’0” tall gorgeous man with a body to rival Usher is really just slightly taller than you with a frame of a fifteen year old girl. Hiding behind a computer screen to find dates, in retrospect, just means you can lie about what you actually look like. Think of it like this, you bait them with your profile, and once you show up the date you just pray that your lies can be overlooked by your winning personality. Chances are though, there’s no winning personality.

Good On Paper Doesn’t Translate To Real Life

You come across a profile and it states the following: loves to cook, travel, athletic, family oriented and Jewish. At this point, you’re thinking “JACKPOT!” Think again, darling. Let’s translate these key words. Loves to cook means microwaving lean cuisine meals. Travel junkie probably means the visit the Jersey Shore on a weekly basis during the summer months. Athletic, has a gym membership, never visits the gym. Family oriented, talks to his mom thirty times a day. Jewish, probably from his fathers, mothers, sisters, dogs side.

You Realize Just How Shallow You Are

As much as nobody wants to admit how shallow he or she actually is, nothing solidifies this fact more than online dating. Take a moment to think about Tinder. If you’re an active member on Tinder chances are your thumb has gone numb once or twice from swiping left so many times. Sorry to break it to you, but when your swiping left simply based on the person’s profile picture, you’re as shallow as they come. Don’t feel bad though, we’ve all been there.

No One Is Actually Looking For A Relationship

Nine out of ten times, online dating is just a breeding ground for hooking up. Granted, you may be busy at work and not have the actual time to go mingle with members of the opposite (or same) sex. Thus, it leaves you no choice but to veer towards the Internet to get laid. Of course, this is not ideal, but hey, whatever works. 

Of Course, The Off Chance The Person Might Be A Serial Killer

We’ve all seen CSI and the occasional (read: more than occasional) Lifetime movie. So, we all know there’s an off chance that the person you’re about to meet may be a complete and utter psycho. The rules for online dating go as follows: always send a picture to your best friend of the person you’re going out with, along with their phone number and meeting point. Just a heads up, if your date wants to take you somewhere really obscure, it’s better to cancel then end up on the news.

Gayana Sark | News Cult