Rutger Student Dies After Frat House Drinking Ordeal

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Although we associate students with education, we also associate them with drinking on an almost equal footing. The binge-drinking culture of college students is something that is very well known in countries across the globe.

A sophomore student from Rutger University was reported dead after her friends took her to hospital, following what was described as a “small gathering” at a frat house nearby. 19 year old Caitlyn Kovaks passed out at 3am while drinking at the Delta Kappa Epsilon frat house, as reported by the Daily Targum.

Binge drinking is a serious issue, but also one that is widely known about. Drinking until you can no longer walk is almost synonymous with the student lifestyle. The term binge drinking to be specific, occurs when somebody consumes four or five drinks in two hours or less. Alcohol on average takes around 45 minutes to fully filter through your system (take effect), which makes binge drinking extremely dangerous.

The NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) have made it known that four out of five college students drink, with half of those participating in binge drinking. With those statistics, it’s miraculous that student deaths from drinking are seemingly so rare.

The University have offered counselling to students affected by Kovak’s death.

[via NY Daily News]

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