Ron Washington Resignation: What Actually Happened?

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Former manger of the Texas Rangers, Ron Washington who resigned from his duties as manager on September 5th, made his first public comments since leaving the team. Upon his resignation, Washington did not give a specific reason for his actions, merely just saying that he was going through some personal problems. Well today Mr. Washington let the world know why he resigned, “When you put yourself in situations, you own it. Those are the types of things my wife always says to me. I was not true to my wife. After 42 years, I broke that trust. I’m here to own that mistake and to apologize to her and to those who have trusted in me. I let them down.”

Yes, you did just read that correctly. Two weeks after resigning, Washington seemed to want to tell the whole world that he apparently cheated on his wife. Washington spoke for about four minutes and did not take questions from the media after. His wife was present at the press conference and after, they walked away together, arm in arm.

This press conference begs one very large question. Why would Ron Washington admit to this in a public forum and let the media and the public in on his personal matters? In his speech Washington requested privacy so that his family could heal from this. Well, if you want privacy don’t tell the world that you cheated on your wife when nobody was asking. Washington’s necessity to admitting to his infidelity could come as a result of other mishaps in his past. In 2009, Washington tested positive for cocaine use. It is very likely that he wanted to avoid people thinking that he had a relapse that forced him to resign.

It is weird and unexpected that Washington would just decide to tell the public that he was not faithful. It is undoubtedly going to make some think that this cannot be all the details, that no off the field story is this simple. Why didn’t he take questions? Why would he just decide to admit this to the public? What’s the rest of the story? Well one thing is for sure, if this more it is only a matter of time until that comes out to the public.

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Ben Touger | News Cult