Fall Must Haves: Watches, Shoes, Jackets, & More

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Aside from a spectacular watch, there are a few essentials necessary this fall.

This particular outfit breakdown can be done a few ways, I’m fortunate enough personally to creep hard on instagram, and I came across this page- @seek_vintage that sells their own brand of clothing, but also throws outfits together with extraordinary talent. So to match your time piece with an outfit, my first go to suggestion for this fall is going to be;

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– A pair of Docs are VITAL as they are just as timeless as a Rolex, in my opinion.

Jacket, Sweater and/or Graphic T-shirt

  • A dope hunter green oversized jacket, and a vintage grey sweater is such a great look- but if you’re in a state like Georgia, where Fall mornings and afternoon temperatures vary heavily get yourself a few dope graphic tees.
  • (A casual relaxed Fall look is always going to be a statement, I’m here, and I care, but I’m still really cool.)

By way of pants, my suggestion is once again black.

  • You can never go wrong with a great fitting pair of black jeans or pants, roll up the bottoms and rock those Docs.

I feel like a beanie and some glasses make up for a few things…

Maybe you’re in a rush and you can’t put on makeup or do your hair, who cares, put on some brown or black square frames and a hat- and immediately it’s style instead of laziness. I also feel like an outfit can be made with accessories though, so grab a few things that you can use with versatility in your wardrobe. You don’t have to own everything to look like you do.

My favorite part, your watch! I feel like for this specific look there are three awesome options for your timepiece. Dress any of these watches up or down, and flaunt them every single day this season.

  • My first choice Is the JLC with a leather strap, I mean you cannot go wrong with a brown leather strap watch this season, it’s my newest obsession.
  • Maybe you prefer a bracelet, so the Datejust, rosegold Rollie is another spectacular wardrobe call, this says “I have arrived”, even if you haven’t had your first cup of coffee yet.
  • The Romaine Jerome Titanic is a steampunk really cool skeletonized timepiece-

Which is kind of what this season (for me represents) breaking style down to the core, the essentials are always going to be a worthwhile investment. Fads fade.

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