Chilling Footage Of A Jetblue Flight’s Emergency Landing After Engine Failure

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Getting the jitters before a flight takes off is completely normal. After all, if man were meant to fly, he would be born with wings, right? We always watch the safety videos with impatience, because we know that flights are as integral to every-day life as catching the train. We know that the chances of a problem occurring on board are incredibly slim.

But as any technology or machine can, it is entirely possible for planes to break down, just as a JetBlue flight from the Long Beach Airport did. Bound for Texas, the plane experienced an engine failure only 15 minutes into its journey. The cabin room filled with smoke, prompting the drop of the oxygen masks that we always stare at indifferently in the safety videos. Despite the malfunction, one passenger was calm enough to capture footage on his phone (and not look too terrified while doing so!)

It can’t be an easy task to keep an entire plane full of people calm under such circumstances, so credit has to be given to the pilot and the crew, who also managed to perform a successful emergency landing. There were no serious injuries, though 4 of the 142 passengers required medical attention after the landing was made.

Matthew Tomlin | News Cult