Which Foods to Use in the Bedroom and Which to Avoid

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If you can’t decide whether you’d rather munch on some food or nibble on your mate, just combine snacking and sex. Despite what you learned as a child, there’s nothing wrong with playing with your food. Of course, there are certain types of food that you should avoid, and others that you should feel comfortable stealing from the fridge. Here’s a handy list of the different types:

1. Yes – Whipped Cream

This delicious treat is simple to use, and won’t cause a huge mess. Once you and your partner strip, spray whipped cream to the sensitive areas on your bodies, and lick it off of each other. It’s an exciting type of foreplay that’ll get you hot and bothered, or ready to drive to Friendlies.

2. No – Vegetables

You don’t want to shove vegetables into places where they don’t belong. If you do, then you could end up with a bacterial infection. You don’t want to risk your health in order to have some fun. It’s better to be safe than… Well, you know the rest.

3. Yes – Chocolate Sauce

Is there anything better than the taste of chocolate? Drip some onto each other’s bodies, and use your skilled tongues to lick it all off. If you miss a spot, then you can always hop into the shower together in order to get clean.

4. No – Spicy Foods

You don’t want to end up with a burning sensation. If you’re in the mood for hot food, eat some after sexy time is over. Even though you love peppers, it doesn’t mean that they belong in the bedroom. Some foods are meant to remain in the kitchen, without exception.

5. Yes – Champagne

The bubbles from champagne can feel sensational during a kiss or while you’re pressing your lips to your partner’s body. You can also pour the drink onto your partner’s stomach or chest, so that the bubbles sit against their skin, and then lap up the liquid. It’s all up to you, so have fun with it.

6. No – Honey

Honey might sound like a good idea, but it can cause a sticky situation. You can lick it off of each other, but it’s so thick that it might take a while to remove it all. Plus, it’s difficult to wash honey off of bed sheets. There are much better options out there.

7. Yes – Ice Cubes

Even if you prefer the heat of the summer over the chill of winter, you’ll love the feel of ice cubes against your skin. Your partner can rub them all over your body, making you dripping wet. You’ll end up looking as sexy as you feel.

It’s a shame to waste perfectly good food, so make sure that you’re using items that you know will enhance your sex life. You wouldn’t want to use up all of your favorite topping, and then regret it later when you’re in the mood for a snack. Ration carefully!

Holly Riordan | News Cult