Arizona Cardinals, Jonathan Dwyer, Arrested and Deactivated on Domestic Violence Allegations

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It has become relentless, yet another assault case for an NFL player. Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested for aggravated assault Wednesday and has since been suspended from all team activity.

Dwyer, was charged with assaulting a 27-year-old women and 18-month-old child. The assault however, occurred back in late July, just before Cardinals players were to report to training camp. Police were told by neighbors that they heard fighting coming from Dwyer’s home but when they arrived Dwyer was hiding in the bathroom and the woman claimed that she was merely in a fight on the phone.

According to reports the woman and child left Arizona after the initial incidents. A report was then filed with Phoenix Police Department on September 11th and after investigation Dwyer was taken into custody. The women presented police with medical records and text messages from Dwyer claiming he was going to injure the two of them. In interviews with police Dwyer admitted to verbal part of the argument but would not confess to the assault.

Given the present climate of the NFL, the Cardinals had no choice but to suspend Dwyer but, credit must be given to the organization for coming to a quick and firm decision, something that the league and other franchises seem to make impossible. The NFL has not yet levied their suspension on Dwyer and they will most definitely wait for due process to occur before handing Dwyer his punishment.

The Cardinals are now left with only two playable running backs on their roster in Stefan Taylor and Robert Hughes who only have a combined two more rushing attempts than I do this year. But the lack of depth at running back for the Cardinals is not nearly the point.

This is yet another of example of an awfully dark side of the NFL that has become so visible in recent weeks. The actions of a few players like Rice, Peterson and Hardy have completely overshadowed every other player in the league and forced the public to view the league as a bunch of wife beaters, child abusers and drug users. It is incredibly unfortunate that the actions of a few are now determining the public view of a whole league of players.

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