Struggles Only A Server Can Understand

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All of our jobs are difficult, and we all have to deal with nonsense at these jobs on a daily basis. That being said, there are certain struggles that are specific to people working in the service industry only, particularly waiters and waitresses. Sometimes it’s like dealing with a whole new level of ridiculousness. These are the struggles that only a server can understand

Being ignored, and not subtly

“Hi there, how are you today?”

“Yeah, let me get a water with lemon and no ice.”

…..Oh. Ok. Yeah, I’m good, too, thanks for asking.  It’s as if some people really don’t understand how incredibly rude it is to blatantly disregard someone’s attempts at being polite and nice. Also, if a server comes over to your table and asks how everything is, at least nod or give a thumbs up. It is so awkward to be answered with silence and then have to kind of quietly walk away.

Getting Snapped At

Literally, physically snapped at to get our attention. I am not a puppy. Don’t do that. Ever. Even waving is annoying. Most servers will come over if they catch your eye and you hold eye contact for more than a couple seconds. So just settle down.

Drunk Young People

Not saying that older people don’t like to get drunk, too, but the young ones are just intolerable sometimes. Come on, this is a public place, hold it together. There really isn’t any need to get completely black-out and terrorize your server. Not to mention if you throw up or fall down because you can’t conduct yourself properly, we get in trouble because it looks like we over served you. Also, a good deal of guys get a little too friendly with their female waitresses after one too many drinks. Stop that. We are (for the most part) completely sober and we do not think you are cute.

Needy People

I get it, you’re out to dinner and drinks and you want to be taken care of. That is totally understandable. But when you ask for your lemons to be cut a certain way, or your French fries on a separate plate, or a specific number of cucumbers in your salad, it’s a little much. We are here to provide you with service, not be your servants.

Those People Who Want to Split Checks

There are thirteen of you. You have been ordering for hours. Now, when it’s time to get the bill, you ask if everyone can have separate checks? Uh, no. I have eleven other tables, do you really think I remembered what each one of you ordered? Get the bill and figure out how to pay amongst yourselves like normal people. Jesus.

Long hours, Sore feet, Empty Stomachs

Sometimes, if it’s busy, no one can go home and no one can get breaks. That’s just how it is. There are times when it’s not stop on our feet running around for twelve or more hours. No wonder why most of us drink.


Ah, of course. At the end of the day, when we finally get cut and are done, there is a whole new list of jobs to begin. Sidework. Rolling silverware, cleaning ketchup containers, emptying salt shakers, etc. This is the worst because we are usually exhausted and we are not getting tipped for this.