Lebron James Releasing New Nike Lebron 12 Next Month [PHOTOS]

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After keeping Kevin Durant away from Under Armor for 300 million dollars, Nike turned their attention to one of their other superstars Lebron James with the release of his newest sneaker. Kids around the world will be breaking open their piggy banks and begging their parents for the $200 sneakers. The shoe, designed for more comfort that lebrons previous releases will hit stores next month.
Lebron seems poised for one of the most dominant seasons of his career. He should be extra motivated coming off an embarrassing finals loss to spurs and his supporting cast is better than ever. Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and a host of other talented payers make the Cavs my clear favorite to win the east. And Nike will claim,  “it’s all in the shoes.”

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Ben Touger | News Cult