New York on the Verge of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use Thank to Sen. Krueger

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Marijuana legalization in New York has been a back and forth battle for years now. However, New Yorkers could see marijuana being legalized for the general public as early as 2015. According to the Huffington Post, State Sen. Liz Krueger will reintroduce the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act during the next legislative session which begins in January.

Furthermore, Brad Usher, Krueger’s chief of staff, told the Huffington Post, “We’re definitely introducing the bill next session. We’ve received a variety of feedback since we first introduced it last December and we’re working on amending it, so we’re looking to see what we can learn from Colorado and Washington when we reintroduce it.”

The legalization of this act would put the start of marijuana dispensaries into motion. These business would be regulated by the State Liquor Authority. The bill would enforce a tax on all marijuana sales, which grow help grow our somewhat struggling economy. Adult’s would legally be able to possess up to 2 oz. of marijuana and grow up to 6 marijuana plants at home for personal use.

At the moment, only Colorado and Washington has legalized marijuana for recreational use. However in November, Oregon and Alaska voters will decide if they also want to legalize recreational marijuana for adults.

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