Has Texting Killed Chivalry?

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So it’s known fact that texting is slowly killing human interaction and if you didn’t know, then my point is proven. Where have you been, darling? Probably texting, right? So since texting is slowly killing human interaction it is common sense that it’s also changing the way in which we date.

So how exactly has texting killed Chivalry? Well in the society that we know live in, where it’s easier to send a text than picking up a phone and actually speaking to someone, we have lost that sense of actual human communication and interaction. Therefore, how exactly are you technically “dating” if you don’t have that human connection to your significant other?

Another way to think about this is that the majority of people don’t really see it as dating but instead see it as hooking up. While this is understandable and common in this day there are couples that are actually dating but really more on texting to communicate with each other. Now for the question of the hour: how can chivalry be shown through text to one’s significant other….?

Decoding Texts

While texting may be convenient, there are times where it is very hard to decode certain things in textlandia. You can’t really tell if someone is being sarcastic, there is always some new lingo or acronym being used every day, some people don’t even use words anymore and rely on the emoticons. So how exactly can you consider a text you just received of a flower emoticon with a smiley face that has hearts for eyes chivalrous?

“I Love You”

The first time they say I Love You and it’s over text? Yeah I don’t think so. On to the next one.

Asking out a person on a first date through text?

If you ask me out over text, I will say no. Simple as that. It shows me that you are not really serious about actually “dating” and may just be looking to “hook up”. Not only is this not an act of chivalry but it just shows that you probably won’t have the time for me at all.


It’s nice to receive compliments but you know what’s better? Receiving the compliments in person because you get to see the face of the person giving you the compliment and the person giving you compliment is able to see your reaction. When you receive a compliment over a text it’s not necessarily the same, because there is no romance and you can’t properly thank the person. Am I right or wrong?

CALL On the PHONE!!!

It’s intimate and personal. If you are texting you can have the whole day to text out the right thing to say. When you talk on the phone or in person you say exactly what is on your mind without having to think about it over and over. You don’t have the time to word out the correct thing to say, you just have to be you.

So while texting is really convenient, I myself use it more to communicate than actually calling people, it is detrimental to dating and to in general to chivalry. Technically if you are doing all of your dating over text, how exactly can it be called dating without the actual human interaction of holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc. You can’t show how chivalrous you are (gentlemen, listen up!) over the phone like you can in real life; holding the door, holding her hand to walk across the street, complimenting her, etc. You can’t really communicate actual feelings through text with a heart and a smiley text. For all you know, I texted you the heart half asleep and don’t even remember I texted it the next morning, now is that romantic or what?

Laysha Duran | News Cult