Disgusting Things Every New Yorker Sees on A Daily Basis

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Public Urination

Even if we don’t see someone literally pee in front of us, we have all walked by people who have wet their pants. Whether it’s someone who had too much to drink and is passed out in the subway terminal or just a person who didn’t have anywhere else to go, we all walk by someone who has peed themselves.


Especially if we happen to walk through an area that is near a college of any sort, we have all seen puke on the ground. It’s even worse when we actually see someone puking.


Ok, some people might not think this is that disgusting, but when one of those suckers runs right in front of you while you’re waiting for your train at 1 in the morning, I dare you not to be grossed out.

Some Guy Touching Himself

I’m sorry, I know this is a little uncouth to mention, but we have all seen it, particularly if we are making a late commute home at night. Some guys, especially those without a home, don’t really see anything wrong with giving themselves some sexual gratification right in front of everyone. Ugh.

That Couple Who Utilizes Every Space as Their Bedroom

Alright, guys, we get it. You love one another and cannot get enough of that sweet loving. It really isn’t necessary for you two to be down each other’s pants on the subway, though. Some of us haven’t eaten dinner yet.

The Septic Tanks Being Pumped

We all understand this is necessary and we appreciate it. Really, we do. But when we are hungover at eight in the morning, the absolute last thing we want to do is step across multiple hoses pumping excrement on our way to work. It wouldn’t be so bad, but that smell, though….

The Water That Falls From Above in the Subway Stations

We all know what that water is. It’s the disgusting, leftover rain water (Hopefully just rain water) that has already traveled through the length of the street and the entire rest of the subway area and is now landing right on your head.

The Passing of Germs on the Subway Cars

We have all seen those people who put fingers in theirs noses, or cough/sneeze into their hands, and then put their hands all over those subway poles. The very same subway poles you are about to put your hands on.


Why are they so big in New York? Why do they look like something out of The Mummy?

Kaitlyn Seabury