‘Django Unchained’ Actress Daniele Watts Mistaken For Prostitute

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On August 28th 1968 Martin Luther King said I have a dream, Rosa Parks also refused to give her seat up, and years later couples came together and said “I love you” regardless of race. But on September 11th 2014 while the cops had nothing else to do near studio city, In Los Angeles they responded to a call of an sexual act between a white male and black female.

Danial Watts an Actress from LA is now taking a stand, as cops questioned her and her boyfriend, thinking she was a prostitute , and forcing her to show i.d., “I don’t have to show my Id” as you can hear Danial Watts talking to the officer on the video recording, and she is absolutely correct!

New York and California does not require i.d.’s to have to be shown, so why must this cop persist? Handcuffing her and leaving marks on her wrist, have cops become aggressive? As Americans we are entitled to freedom of speech, if she wants to yell, scream or say her piece she should be allowed, she did nothing wrong and was not interfering.

An Investigation is being conducted and both Watts and her boyfriend where let go.

[via NY Daily News]

Angela Brisotti | News Cult