Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders Talking About Running in Presidential Election 2016

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Senate liberal, Bernie Sanders has announced he is thinking of running in the upcoming presidential election in 2016. He plans to run as a Democrat or an independent which will make Hilary Clinton’s plan to win the election very difficult.

Sanders is an independent from Vermont and is currently serving his six-year term in the Senate. If he does run, he could act as a threat to Clinton, who is viewed as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. Clinton has not announced if she will be running for president but has acted like a candidate.

In the past, Sanders has addressed many issues, including class-relations. “I think anybody who speaks to the needs of the working class and the middle class of this country and shows the courage to take on the billionaire class, I think that candidate will do pretty well,” Sanders told NBC.

Sanders describes himself as a socialist who caucuses with Democrats. He now has a following with certain liberals that is based on his views on economic issues like the income difference between the 90 and 10 percent.

Sanders, along with Clinton went to spend this past weekend in Iowa. Iowa is a known state that holds a lot of significance early in the nomination process.

“One of the reasons I’m going to Iowa is to get a sense of how people feel about it,” he spoke of his candidacy. “Look, the truth is [there is] profound anger at both political parties, more and more people are becoming independent. The negative is: how do you set up a 50-state infrastructure as an independent?”

Americans have not been proud of President Barack Obama’s decisions on certain issues. One of the issues Americans have a problem with is his decision to postpone any action on Immigration. Obama’s course of action in this case was vital because Republican leaders blocked action on a bipartisan Senate-passed plan.

Sanders also said that he has “a lot of disagreements” with Obama, adding: “I think he has not tapped the anger and the frustration that the American people feel on many, many issues.”

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