America and the Cost of Having Babies: Can it be Done?

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Within eighteen years the cost of having one child is close to two hundred thousand  dollars including food, housing, childcare, education, healthcare, clothing, and transportation, but not including college. The joy of having kids is like no other, but the cost may put a hold on your choice to have a child or two, can having a child really be done in America today?

With debt school loans owed, the economy and the stresses put on us today, it’s almost impossible to sit back, relax and enjoy having a child. However, when having children you also have to think about who will care for your kids while you’re working to afford them, with one or two jobs needed you most likely will need family to help, friends, a local sitter, or possible an Au pair-Nanny to live with you.

When getting pregnant and trying to conceive you have regular visits to the doctor, having health insurance for yourself and your baby is the first most important thing, just growing a baby is costly and without insurance your hospital birth would be thousands along with your doctor visits.

Healthcare when having children is a big factor, as children always need the best care, between vaccinations, colds, flus, or just a simple ear infection health insurance is a must, New York State provides Child Health Plus a program which helps lowers your cost, and covers most primary care doctors in your area.

For transportation there are buses and trains to get you to where you have to go for doctors appointments for your child, but a car is needed when you don’t have access to other transportation. Whether you’re paying for transportation or driving yourself and paying for gas, either way it is a cost to you.

While today money has become important it is not everything and if you wait till you have it, you may never grow your family at the time that best suits you. While there are trying times when having a child, there are special times such as baby’s first word, there first step, and many milestones that not every parent gets to see.

Holidays are a special time of the year, of course if you have children you know the expenses the holidays bring. There’s Halloween and with each child its fifty dollars per outfit, Thanksgiving dinner which can be well over a hundred dollars, and Christmas which can be easily a hundred dollars a child with just ten or more gifts to give, but you can learn to shop cheaper.

Most Christmas gifts you can buy well in advance, when there on sale, or at a Walmart. You don’t have to wait till the last minute. And don’t forget those birthdays!

Housing costs are through the roof you may have an extra room available but if not, your kids will share rooms, or you may want to search for a new house, whatever it is factor that in as well. Though all this seems daunting the fact is having a child can be done, you can still afford what you want you just have to budget and sacrifice things for having a child time to time, it’s not everyday someone can be a mom or dad, do it while you can, and don’t look back, anything is possible in America.

Angela Brisotti | News Cult