7 Wingman (Or Wingwoman) Tips to Help Out Your Friends

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Your friends are always there for you, so it’s time to say thank you. What better way to show them you care than by getting them laid? It’s a gift that they’ll be eternally grateful for. If you’ve never been a successful wingman before, here are some tips to help you help your pal:

1. Be Realistic

You need to talk up your friend, but don’t go too crazy. If you start spitting out outrageous lies, it’s going to be obvious that what your saying is too good to be true. Plus, what if your friend decides to turn their make-out session into something more? You don’t want their relationship to be based on falsehoods. Your friend is awesome, so you can make them look good without lying.

2. Point Them in the Right Direction

If your friend is drooling over someone way out of their league, or someone who looks like bad news, you should point them in a different direction. Tell them to check out the hottie by the bar that you think would be a better match. As a wingman, your job isn’t only to get your friend laid, but to get them laid by the right person.

3. Don’t Steal the Spotlight

Make it clear that you’re not the one interested in the person you’re trying to woo. Keep the spotlight on your friend by making sure the conversation stays focused on them. You wouldn’t want to steal away the most attractive man or woman in the room, and risk your friend storming off in tears. A good wingman never sleeps with the target.

4. Help Them Dress

Your job starts before you even step foot in public. You need to make sure that your friend is looking like a star, from head to toe. Help them pick out an outfit that makes them look irresistible, so that it won’t be difficult to get others interested. If you complete this step, then someone sexy might approach your friend without any additional help from you.

5. Know When to Leave

When your job is complete, don’t stick around to watch love unfold. If you’re standing next to your friend, looking like a chaperon, then they’ll never be able to get down to business. Let them seal the deal on their own. You can’t do everything for them.

6. No Distractions or Drunkenness

Don’t get distracted by the hottest person in the room, and wander off to get their number. Tonight is your friend’s night. Your goal is to make them happy, not make yourself happy. That’s why you should watch how much you drink. If you get too drunk, you won’t be helpful at all. You might even end up acting like a cockblock.

7. Amp Them Up

Compliment your friend. Tell them how sexy they look. Make them feel like they can land anyone in the room. Their confidence is important, so make sure you reassure them of how amazingly awesome they are.

As long as you introduce your friend to a few hotties, you’ve done your job. Be proud of yourself, and you ever need their services in the future, see if they’ll repay you by being your wingman.

Holly Riordan | News Cult