Step Up Your Style: Absolute Must Haves for Fall

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Fall is upon us again and as you are looking through your wardrobe you may notice that while you have a lot of clothes but you may not have the essentials for the Fall. I’m here to give you a list of the must have fashion pieces for this fall. The best part of keeping these essentials in your closet is that you save money and never have to go through the old “I have nothing to wear” phase that we all eventually go through.

These are the things that I think every girl should have in her closet to make this Fall a fashionable one.


Black Bootie/Black Boots: You can NEVER go wrong with black; so it is imperative that you have one pair of go-to black boots/black booties. Black goes with anything, so having black boots are very especially for those chilly Fall days when you just can’t rely on your flats.

Flats: Flats are very comfortable and the main thing that I love about flats is that there is an infinite amount of designs now. While there are times it might get too chilly to wear flats you can still wear them at work, especially if you have the foldable flats which are extremely convenient for those long days at work when you are just doing too much to wear heels the whole day. To be on the safe side, start off with neutral colors like black, red, and gray.

Black Heels: You must always have at least one pair of black heels on hand for those special occasions where you need to dress up and don’t have time to go shopping for a special outfit. This is a good fallback option.


Black Blazer: Shall I say more? I mean it’s obvious that a Black Blazer makes any outfit better. Whether you wear it with a dress or some jeans this is a MUST HAVE.

Graphic Tee: For those days when you don’t want to dress up and just want to be casual and relaxed.

Pullover Sweater: Fall tends to be a little chilly at times so make sure you have a pullover sweater. Extra points if it’s a quirky sweater with a dog!

Flowing Blouse: A blouse can be a quick transition to wear to work with a nice black blazer and then just by itself when you go out to party.

Little Black Dress: This is a staple! Simple, elegant, and classy.


Blue Rinse Jeans: Paired with a leather jacket, white T-shirt, and some black boots and you are Rock and Roll ready. Or some flats, a blazer and a blouse for those Casual Fridays at work.

Sweatpants: There are times when we just want to stay at home and lounge and just be lazy. Sweatpants are a must for these days, to run errands, and of course for the initial reason why they were originally invented: Exercise!

Slacks: Slacks are no longer just used for work. You can always make them look more casual with a nice t-shirt and some sneakers. Ellen Degeneres, anyone?


Leather Jacket: I prefer fake leather jackets, because to me they still look good and because I’m an animal lover. I love myself a black old fashioned leather jacket for those times when I want to look like a badass; and recently my favorite combination which looks amazing is a black leather jacket with a nice looking dress, like the Little Black Dress you should already have in your closet.

Trench Coat: Trench Coats will serve you a big purpose because you can use them during the fall and during the winter as well. The majority of Trench Coats come with an inner lining that is very warm, so you are able to wear them during that brutal winter that I know we will get this year. You can always wear one of your pullover sweaters under the Trench Coat as well.

The good thing about these essentials is that they are interchangeable and you can create and combine a variation of different outfits that can last you throughout the fall season and beyond. If you already have some of these items then you already know how convenient they are to have on hand.

Laysha Duran | News Cult