Jimmy Kimmel Releases Newest Edition of ‘Lie Witness News’: Fashion Week 2014 Edition [VIDEO]

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Jimmy Kimmel, being the comedian genius that he is, has the tendency to make the funniest hit-the-street videos we’ve ever seen. Kimmel is known for producing the hilarious series “Lie Witness News.” Essentially what he does is goes around to people who think they’re in-the-know about a certain industry, asks them questions about brands and people that don’t exist, and makes them all look like posers in the process. It’s fantastic.

In the latest edition of “Lie Witness News”, Kimmel’s crew hits New York Fashion Week 2014 to ask these fashion aficionados about the latest names in the fashion industry. Obviously, all of the names are made up and include Chandler Bing, Betsy Ross, and many more. The fashion “it” kids then go on and on about how amazing the designers are without having any idea that they actually don’t exist. Hilarious.

Watch the video below: