7 Actual Excuses to Use When You’re Not in the Mood

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As much as you love your partner, sometimes you’re just not in the mood to climb on top of him and move your sexy body around. Instead of telling obvious lies about having a headache or being too tired, try out some true excuses for a change. There’s no harm in being honest. Here are some helpful excuses to use that won’t hurt your partner’s feelings or make him feel any less attractive:

  1. Stressed

Tell him that you have too much on your plate to worry about pleasing him. It’s a great way to urge him to help you around the house some more. Explain how you might be more open to having sex if the living room was actually clean when you got home from your long day. If he wants to have fun tomorrow, then he should take the hint and help out tonight.

  1. Not Groomed

Maybe you’re wearing your grandma underwear instead of a thong. Maybe you have more stubble than he’s used to seeing. If you tell him that you’re not feeling sexy enough for sex, he’ll either understand or throw some compliments your way. You win, no matter what.

  1. No Condoms

If you’re not ready for a baby, then you can’t have sex without a condom. If there aren’t any around, you can use it as your excuse to go straight to sleep. Of course, he might offer oral as an alternative, so this one could backfire on you.

  1. Others are Around

If you have your children or your parents in the room next to yours, claim that you don’t want to wake them. It would be scarring to have family members hear you get down and dirty. If he wants to avoid therapy bills, then he should keep it in his pants for the night.

  1. Early Morning

This is similar to the “too tired” excuse, but it’s a bit more believable. He can’t accuse you of lying when he hears your alarm buzz at six in the morning every day. You need your beauty sleep, so he can either back off or sleep on the couch.

  1. Bloated

Even if you don’t have your period, you can still use it as an excuse. Tell him that it feels like it’s almost your time of the month, so you don’t feel like moving around. Men back off when they hear about menstruation, so this line is golden.

  1. Not in the Mood

You don’t need to have a specific reason for not wanting to have sex. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to do it. Don’t let anyone peer pressure or guilt you into it. It’s your body, and your choice.

Holly Riordan | News Cult