Russian Hackers Leak 5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords

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Don’t go nuts just yet, it may not actually be as bad as it sounds. Yes, a hacker got into Gmail and posted the username and password of 5 million accounts online today. What’s the silver lining? The information they got may be outdated according to Google. On that note, Google may not even be to blame for the intrusion.

According to Yahoo! News, the Russian tech blog Habrahabr stated that the Google servers were probably not hacked. Rather the information was attained through weak passwords. If you’re still pretty uneasy, you can check if your account has been hacked on a website called “Is My Email Leaked?

The passwords and usernames appeared on a Russian Bitcoin forum on Wednesday. According to CNN, the leaked information may just be a compilation of previously leaked information. Google spokeswoman Caroline Matthews stated, “We have no evidence that our systems have been compromised.”

Google, as usual, has your back. If your account has been hacked, they have locked that account and will redirect you to change you password if you attempt to log on.

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[via CNN Money]