My Own Story: Remembering 9/11

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On September 10, 2001 I went on a class trip to visit the World Trade Center for the first time. I remember it but very vaguely. I remember the gorgeous lobby, and how intimidating the buildings seemed to my 11-year old self that day. I remember looking down from the top of it and thinking “wow, those cars look like ants”. I never thought I’d remember a class trip or small details about it because there had been so many class trips and I had no idea that taking any one of them for granted would be a big deal.

But then the next day, the entire world seemingly collapsed. I was in 6th grade at Cunningham Junior High School in Brooklyn and when every single student was asked to go to the auditorium, I remember thinking that it’s awesome that we get to skip class for a movie day. They showed us Jumanji and then in the afternoon sent us to our classes. I remember sitting in science class and no one spoke about what was happening. My science teacher was carrying on class as if nothing was out of the ordinary but then one by one students began to get picked up from school by their parents. By mid-afternoon, the majority of the class had gone home.

Finally, my name was called. My mom came to get me and told me what happened. You see, my mom works on Broad Street in downtown, which is right near the World Trade Center and since all the trains were shut down, she had walked across the bridge and walked to my school to come and get me. I remember being excited to get out of school early. I was excited until I got home, walked into my apartment and saw my grandmother sitting on the couch and hysterically crying. All she said was that the America we knew was gone, and then she pointed to the TV and then, for the first time I ever, I saw the buildings falling. I saw the entire thing unfolding on the TV screen and I ran to my room and cried hysterically too. The beautiful buildings that I had seen and been inside of just the day before were never going to be enjoyed by anyone else again. The world was changed forever.

Veronika Klebanova | News Cult