Facebook Issues Apology for Calling 2-Month-Olds Photo ‘Gory’

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The Bond family of North Carolina have been fighting hard for their 2-month-old son Hudson Azera Bond as he awaits a much needed heart transplant. Hudson’s father Kevin Bond, has tried every way he knows how to raise funds for his son including creating a Facebook page.

Unfortunately, Facebook added to the families stress over the weekend by not approving Bond’s photo. The company deemed the photo of Hudson connected to medical tubes as “scary” and “gory,” and rejected Bond’s attempt to boost site traffic with a $20 paid ad.

Although realizing the error of their ways and immediately reversing their decision, Bond said the damage was already done.

“It hurt our whole family,” Bond, a photographer, told Yahoo Health. “Nobody wants their beautiful son compared to ghosts, zombies, ghouls, dismembered bodies and vampires and whatever else that rejection letter said.”

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2-month-old Hudson was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heard muscle that can lead to heart failure, when he was just 7 days old. Currently the little Bond is in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit at Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham, North Carolina.

So far, Hudson’s story has raised more $45,00 though the Children’s Organ Transplant Association.

Bond has been trying to raise even more money for son. “When you implant a heart into a kid this age, it’s not going to last,” Bond explained. “By the time he’s in his 20s he will probably have had four transplants.”

Bond posts pictures of his son regularly on Facebook to update supporters on Hudson’s status. The page has been up for about a month and so far has more than 8,000 likes. Bond says he’s successfully boosted it through payment before, but something about this particular photo stopped the process this time around.

The family’s supporters were very vocal about their frustration. One woman posting how “unbelievable” it was adding “selfies can go up all day every day of half naked people, or vulgar language can cover the newsfeed, but this precious child that is fighting to live is considered too graphic…it’s a sad day Facebook! You should be ashamed.”

The company has now said they are working out a way to compensate the family, possibly with a free ad.

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