7 Ways to be Dirty in a Long Distance Relationship

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Your boyfriend’s miles away, but all you want to do is grab him and kiss him. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to travel hundreds of miles to reach him before bedtime, so you have to settle for communicating electronically. Since pretty much everyone has access to a computer and cell phone, it’s easier than ever to connect with your loved ones, so if you’re in a long distance relationship, here are some simple ways to be sexy:

  1. Talk Dirty

Talking (or texting) dirty is a must. Since your boyfriend isn’t around to see you stare at his gorgeous body, you have to use your words to describe how desirable he is. Tell him what you’d do to him if you were in the same room, and get him excited to see you again.

  1. Show Off Your Underwear

Send pictures of yourself looking hot, or if you’re more conservative, send pictures of your new lingerie on its hanger. You could even send him the underwear through snail mail as a gift to tease him. Add a message telling him that you’re going to wear it the next you see him, and he won’t be able to stop fantasizing about it.

  1. Get Sexy At the Same Time

Since he’s not around to touch you, you’re probably going to spend some time touching yourself. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he can’t get in on the fun. You can call him on the phone and let him hear you moan, or chat with him on Skype so he can get a front row seat to the action.

  1. Make a Playlist

Think about some of the nights you spent under the same roof. Do you remember what music was playing during a hot make-out session? Put all of the songs that remind you of past sexual encounters onto a playlist so you can listen to them, and think about how amazing his lips tasted.

  1. Play Strip Poker

Turn on your webcam and get ready to torture your partner. If you’re not a fan of poker, then you could make up your own game. Try asking each other personal questions and taking off an item of clothing for every one you get wrong. It’s a great way to get sexy while getting to know each other better.

  1. Go Old School

You know how women in movies send their mates letters through the mail, sealed in a perfumed envelope with lipstick marks? Well, you can do that, too. It’s a romantic way to tell your mate that you love them, and it can help keep the spark alive—especially if you include some naughty pictures.

  1. Send a Surprise

You can’t physically stimulate your partner from across the globe, but you can still help them out a bit. Order a sex toy for them online, and have it delivered to their address. They’ll definitely be surprised, so make sure to attach a note telling them to open it when no one else is around.

If you really love someone, you’re going to want to try your hardest to make a long distance relationship work. You both know sex is important, so you don’t want to neglect your needs, even though you’re miles apart. Use these tips to keep each other satisfied, and when you meet again, you can go wild.

Holly Riordan | News Cult