The End of Marriage?: Why More Women Are Choosing to Stay Single

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There was a time when women would marry and be stay at home mothers. Not all, but most women, have changed their minds and opted to be single, more educated, and become career oriented.

Who wants to depend on a man for security? Most women want to feel secure financially, they want their independence and they certainly don’t want a man to rule the roost. With our financial burdens already, why make it harder on yourself, if your dream is not to marry then don’t.

Not everyone is meant to marry, you come into this world as one, why not continue being that one person who makes a difference? I have two relatives who never married and from what I remember they were very happy, bubbly, and they are the ones I remember, because they were individual people. Something I did not understand as a child coming from a two family home, but something I understand today and think of as remarkable.

Being a career woman sometimes requires long hours, a lot of focus, dedication, and commitment on one’s part. It can even mean relationship struggles, missing your kids milestones, and keep up with the cost to maintain a full life.  Being single makes it that much easier to achieve what you want there are no strings attached, but being married with kids does not discount you from achieving it, it just makes it that much harder.

People say well your married, you don’t understand what it’s like to be single, but just because you’re married does not mean, you were never single in your lifetime. As a single person you live day in and day out by yourself, sometimes it can be lonely, scary and a little overwhelming, you may even want that someone to cuddle with. But even married people can get those same feelings time to time. It’s not uncommon to have these feelings, but weighing the pros and cons of a relationship is what you must do to keep afloat.

As a married woman would I choose to stay single if I could do it all over again? I believe I have learned a lot over the years being married, but I always wanted a husband, kids, and the life I have today. If that life where to change due to unknown circumstances, then yes I would consider being single.

Why? Because I know what it takes to keep a marriage and I also know what it takes to be single; both scenarios are hard work. No life is cut and dry, happiness is created by the way you think, not determined by the way others think, or how others treat you, but by you as a person. As a indivual you are the key to your success, and you are in control of your destiny!

Angela Brisotti