Things I Never Thanked My Sisters For

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I grew up in an enormous family. My mom was one of eight children and I myself am one of six children—smack dab in the middle, in fact. Five of those six kids are girls, so I had four sisters and one poor little brother. My sisters are I are, for the most part, pretty near to each other in age and we never lived in big houses, so we grew up close to one another, whether we preferred it that way or not.

I usually found myself incredibly annoyed with the fact that I never had any alone time, hardly ever owned a toy or item of clothing that was solely mine, and that my birthday party was usually a multi-birthday celebratory event. There were plenty of tears, hair-pulling, scratching, smacking, screaming, and low-down below-the-belt insulting. It was beyond frustrating, irritating, and sometimes downright miserable spending the majority of my time surrounded by so many females who shared both my genes and my jeans without my consent.

Years later, though, now that we are all moved out of our parents’ house and separated from one another, I cannot even comprehend the tremendous effect their existence has had on me as a person. There are a few things I owe to my sisters, and never before got the chance to thank them for.

Thank you for yelling at me when I took something of yours without asking

Whenever I would sneak into one of my sisters’ rooms and grab a sweater or some eyeliner and they would flip out, I would just roll my eyes and wonder what the big deal was. Now, years later, having lived with a variety of different roommates, I understand the meaning of someone’s personal property, space, and belongings in a way that some people never will. If it weren’t for my sisters, I would just be another girl who thinks it’s totally fine to grab a pair of my roommate’s heels and without asking.

Thank you for not always agreeing with me (or sometimes never agreeing with me)

Whether it was about what movie we were going to go see as a family or what we wanted to eat for dinner that night, there was usually a debate amongst us girls. It never seemed as if we all wanted the same thing. Somehow, we would have to reach an agreement and it would be up to us to do so. This has proven to be very helpful to me as an adult, and provided me with a type of patience that is a vital piece of my personality. I am not only aware, but understanding of the fact that everyone has their own opinion, likes, and dislikes. I know that not everyone is going to agree with me or feel the same way I do, and I have my sisters to thank for that.

Thank you for teaching me how to be protective

No matter how much my sisters pissed me off, if I saw or heard that one of them was getting made fun of or bothered or anything, I immediately felt an irresistible need to put an end to it. Sometimes this transformed me into the bully, but I honestly don’t regret it, as petty as that may sound. This has become something I really like about myself, and I owe it to my sisters. I am willing to fight to protect the people around me who I love.

Thank you for showing me the meaning of real friendship

No, we didn’t always get along. Yes, sometimes it felt like we hated each other more than anything else in the world. But here we are, still very much apart of one another’s lives; still loving each other more than anything else in the world. That’s what true, genuine friendship is. My sisters are the ones who showed me that, and it’s probably the biggest thank-you I owe them.

Kaitlyn Seabury | News Cult