LeSean McCoy Leaves a 20 Cent Tip at Philadelphia Burger Joint

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When a waiter realizes that they have an athlete or celebrity sitting at their table, they must dream of the immense tip that will be waiting for them at the conclusion of the meal. When Eagle’s running back Lesean “Shady” McCoy walks into restaurant, they will only be having nightmares. Philadelphia burger spot PYT, released photos on their facebook page of McCoy’s receipt, with only a 20 cent tip left on it. 20 cents! A college student, starving artist or homeless man might put down a bigger thank you after eating.

A waiter a PYT said that he expected the small tip after Shady and 4 friends were being loud and rude and were not nearly impressed with their food when it arrived to their table. McCoy signed a 4-year, 45 million-dollar contract extensions with the Eagles in 2012, so there was plenty of cash in McCoy’s pocket. This will make everyone criticize McCoy for being rude and cheap but we must think about this from another angle.

The public also criticizes athletes for being irresponsible with the huge dollars that they receive for their dominance on the field. We see athletes throw away their money on half-baked business ventures and literally just tossing it up in the air a strip club. Now that an athlete is actually being frugal he gets criticism too? I know there have been plenty of times at restaurant where a small tip is left because the food and/or the service is not a pleasant experience, so why can’t McCoy make that same decision just because he is a rich athlete. If he does not like the restaurant experience he has the same right to leave whatever tip he wants.

Instead of making McCoy out to be a cheap athlete maybe he should be applauded for doing what seems impossible for his also rich and famous contemporaries. In this age of waste and excess maybe a player like McCoy should be praised for the way he thinks about his money and future rather than tossing it away on nothing like most athletes now do.

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