10 Tips to Build and Maintain a Healthy Relationship

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We all have that one couple who we look at and say, “I want a love like theirs.”  From the outside looking in we may view their relationship as perfect, pure and real. But the one thing we don’t know and can’t see is what they went through to keep their love and commitment so strong.
In a previous article it was mentioned that learning your mates difference likes/hobbies and taking some time to part take in them could be helpful for your relationship. Although this may be true, there are many other factors that also contribute to a healthy relationship. In order for these factors to be effective it takes commitment, hard work and two people who are willing to meet each other in the middle.
Here are 10 helpful tips to build and maintain a healthy relationship.
1. Forgive and let go:
Learn to forgive those in your past and after you’ve forgiven them let go of any insecurities that they may have left you with. Sometimes we have a tendency to carry old baggage from previous relationships into something new. By doing this we begin to make our new partner feel as though they’re paying for the mistakes from our old partner. Although they may understand what you’ve gone through, this could also potentially push them away. Ask yourself, is my pain from the past worth losing my present and/or potential future.
2. Communicate in action:
Learn to not just talk, but also to put your words into action. Communication is the foundation to all relationships whether they’re intimate or platonic. Most people think communicating is something that is just done verbally, but that’s not necessarily true. We can also communicate with our actions. In a relationship your actions should coincide with your words which would be a green light for your significant other. With communication and actions comes a major factor called TRUST. Both are the solid foundations needed to begin and maintain a relationship.
3. Appreciate the effort:
Learn to appreciate your mates efforts and actions. Show them you appreciate them and what they do. It’s the little things in most cases that seem to put a smile on a persons face. You don’t have to do anything big and extravagant, but a simple “I love you” or a “thank you” or even a little surprise lunch. On the other side of that, if your mate does these things for you and you were looking for something more, never make them feel like their efforts were worthless. Always make them feel appreciated and loved.
4. Listen:
Learn to listen to what it is that your significant other is saying. Whether they are speaking to you directly with words or indirectly with actions, listen to them. And learn to listen with the intent to understand and not to just respond.
5. Support:

Learn to be there for your mate. Have your significant others back through thick and thin. Through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, be there for it all. Never have them feeling single when they have you.

6. Be fearless:

Learn to let down your guard, step outside of your comfort zone and do something with your mate that is drastically different. This goes back to a previous article about learning your mates different likes/hobbies. Although their interest may not be something you’re into, and vice versa, but if you both are willing to at least learn and try at least one thing your bond would grow even closer. The worst thing that could happen is neither of you enjoy yourself and will not do it again. Even if that is the case, the positive side of it is the fact that you tried and your mate will be greatly appreciative of your attempted interest. On the other hand you both will have a great time and end up picking up a new interest.

7. Trade in your “I”:

Learn that team work makes the dream work. When you’re in a relationship you have to partially trade in your “I” for a “we”. This does not mean that you should give up who you are, but always remember that it takes two individuals to make a relationship. Each of you are your own unique person who brings diverse elements to the table to create a “we”. No matter what the case may be the relationship can not be one sided.

8. Time:

Learn to create and spend time with your mate. We all may deal with hectic daily schedules from work, to picking up kids, going to school or many other time consuming things. The majority of our daily schedules are things that even if we wanted to, it would be very hard to push it off to the side. If this is the problem you’re having and you’re also trying to maintain a relationship, find a way to make time for your mate. Find the time in your busy schedule to tell and show your mate that they are not on the back burner. Use this time as a way to keep the spark in your relationship.

9. “I’m sorry”:

Learn to admit when you’re wrong. No relationship is perfect. You’re going to have your arguments/debates. Don’t let this simple phrase be the reason why the person you love walks away. You have to learn to push your pride to the side and own up to your faults. Not just for the sake of your relationship, but also for the sake of yourself and your own self growth.

10. Tolerance:
Learn to tolerate your mates pet peeves. Sometimes we have a problem with taking little things that we don’t like or little things that annoy us and making them into something big. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If it’s something small that can be over looked and lived with then deal with it. If it’s something major then this is when communication comes in. Address it, work on it and move on.
So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, 10 tips on how to build and maintain a healthy relationship.
Akeera Weathers | News Cult