Video Released of Ray Rice Knocking Out His Fiancee in An Elevator [VIDEO]

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TMZ has released new video of what actually happened in the elevator between Ray Rice and his then fiancé. The video is incredibly graphic in nature as it shows Ray Rice punching now wife, Jamay Palmer in the face, followed by her moving toward Rice and him punching her again, knocking her unconscious in the process and dragging her out of the elevator. After the initial release of the video, Ray Rice received merely a 2 game suspension, a decision for which the NFL received harsh criticism.

Now that this much more egregious and disturbing video has been released, the criticism that the NFL will receive will increase tenfold. It also begs the question to whether or not the NFL had access to this video when Rice received just a 2 game suspension. If Goodell had seen this video and only gave out a 2 game suspension, it would be a verdict that the NFL will never be forgiven for. The NFL has yet to release a statement to whether or not they had previously seen the video.

Since TMZ released the video many have called for Commissioner Roger Goodell to retroactively suspend Ray Rice with a much more unforgiving punishment. This is an unprecedented situation but now that an image has been put to our thoughts any other action beside a longer suspension does not nearly fit the crime. Only given court ordered anger management and a 2 game suspension, Ray Rice has been lucky considering the much longer suspensions of players like Josh Gordon who did not punch their fiancée in a casino elevator.

This is now a pivotal period for Goodell and the NFL. If they do not respond in the right way it could leave a dark spot on the NFL’s name forever. Goodell has been given a second chance to make a statement on very poignant issue. It is not acceptable for a player who knocks his wife unconscious to be playing while players who fail marijuana tests get yearlong suspensions. Goodell’s only choice is to increase Rice’s suspension and make it known that NFL and nobody should accept domestic violence.

Watch the video below:

Ben Touger | News Cult