7 Essential Lingerie Items to Keep in Your Closet

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It’s not fair that us women have to spend so much money on keeping our men satisfied when they have no problem walking around in stained t-shirts and ripped jeans. Of course, it’s nice to feel beautiful, which is why wearing lingerie can be just as fun for you as it is for your man.

If the sexiest thing you have in your closet is a little black dress, it’s time to expand your wardrobe. Here are some essential lingerie items that your man will enjoy seeing you wear as much as you love modeling them:


  1. Babydolls

Who says lingerie has to be uncomfortable? Babydolls are loose fitting nightgowns, which means they’re easy to move around in. You don’t even have to take them off when you’re ready to get dirty, so your man can admire the attire for as long as he lasts.


  1. Corsets

Corsets suck in your stomach and make your breasts look amazing. You don’t see them around often anymore, which is why they’d be a special treat for your man. He’ll love the look, even though it originated hundreds of years ago. Your ancestors had style, too, you know.


  1. Stockings

Stockings come in so many different colors and designs that you’re bound to find something worth buying. If you purchase a pair that isn’t too provocative, you don’t even have to stick to wearing them inside of the bedroom, which means you’ll get your money’s worth by strutting them on the street.


  1. Garter Belts

Once you find the perfect pair of thigh high stockings, you’ll need a garter belt to wear with it. The belt will come with clips that you’ll attach to the top of your stockings, which can be tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. The trouble will be well worth it, because men drool over this sexy little item.


  1. Costumes

You know those days when you wish you were someone else? That’s when you should slip into your nurse’s outfit or break out the handcuffs while dressed as an officer. It’s fun to forget about the real world for a while. The perfect way to ignore your problems is by temporarily adopting a new persona. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.


  1. Teddies

Teddies cover your torso and crotch, leaving different areas of your beautiful body exposed. Depending on the piece you buy, it can be bothersome to put on, because of all of the strings and hooks. However, the trouble is worth it, because you’ll never look hotter.


7 . Robes

Okay, a robe isn’t necessarily an item of lingerie, but it can act as one. When you find a robe that fits your curves perfectly, and is made of a sexy, silky fabric, it’s incredibly sensual. So if you’re embarrassed to go to an adult store or pop into Victoria Secret, you can settle for an attractive robe from any old shop.

Lingerie isn’t just for your man–it’s for you, too! Your confidence will skyrocket as soon as you catch a glimpse of yourself in a revealing outfit. Everybody wins.

Holly Riordan | News Cult