Sports Moments Sure to Make You Shed a Tear:

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Sports are supposed to be about competition, toughness and fighting with everything you have to win. Sometimes however sports can create moments that conjure up more emotion than grit. These moments can be caused by disaster, loss or scintillating moments of pure joy. During these times both players and fans try their best to abide by those unwritten rules that Tom Hanks told us about many years ago.

Well sorry Tom, because your rules are about to be broken. Here are some moments across all sports that are sure to line your body with goose bumps and probably find a couple tears flowing down your cheek.

Kerri Strug – 1996 Olympics

The Olympics are a gold mine for emotional and tear jerking moments. The patriotism and pride that comes along with International competition breeds’ body numbing emotion and passion. Kerri Strug was nursing a painful ankle injury and needed to nail her last jump for America to take home the gold medal.

Mike Piazza and Jack Buck after 9/11

During times of disaster and hardship sports can act as a platform for grieving people to distract themselves from a tragedy. After 9/11 America and especially New York City was rallying together to show that no matter how big the catastrophe, that they are unbreakable. In the first baseball game in New York City since the attacks Mike Piazza gave fans in New York and across the whole country something to rally around.

Mike Piazza did it with his bat and Jack Buck did it as only he could, with his words.

Saints return to the Superdome

Hurricane Katrina was another disaster that rocked a city and the nation. Huge portions of the city were destroyed and many uprooted from their homes and communities. The city’s one sports team, the Saints was forced to spend the next season playing their home games in Texas. When the Saints finally returned to home, the fans gave them a welcome that only New Orleans could provide.

The Boston Red Sox

For 86 years Boston Red Sox fans have had many reasons to cry. They sold Babe Ruth in 1918, watched a world series roll through Bill Buckner’s legs.


And got constantly got tortured by their bitter rivals the New York Yankees.


But, in 2004 all that torture came to an end and Red Sox fans had a reason to cry again, but, this time in happiness.

Steve Bartman

The Cubs and their fans have lived a similar life to that of the Red Sox, except for the fact that their losing ways have never come to an end. It has been 106 years since the Cubs last World Series title in 1908. In 2003 it looked like these lovable losers would finally get the chance at the World Series they have longed for. Then, as only the Cubs could, one of their fans interrupted that journey.

Cleveland, the most tormented city in sports

The Cubs and Red Sox have gone through their share of suffering but neither can reach the heights of torment that the city of Cleveland has endured. A city with three major sports franchises none of which has won a championship since 1958, that’s a total of 168 seasons gone without a title. Yes, the Cubs haven’t won in 106 years but at least they got the ultimate joy of calling Michael Jordan and his six rings their own. The Red Sox had to wait 86 years for a World Series but since then have won two more and Boston also has the Celtics and the Patriots two of the most successful teams in their respective sports. All Cleveland sports know is heartbreak, anguish and moments they never want to relive. They have…

The Drive:

The Fumble: 

The Shot: 

The Decision: 

Cleveland fans finally did get something that will make them shed tears of happiness when James decided to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jordan and Favre remember their Fathers:

There a few things that can bring a father and son closer together than sports. Years of playing against each other in the backyard, watching and attending countless games together create an unbreakable bond between father and son. Michael Jordan and Brett Favre provided two legendary performances shortly after the death of both of their fathers.

Anything’s Possible:

Every athletes dream is to cement their legacy by winning a championship. They train in the offseason and destroy their bodies during the season in the search of becoming a champion. There have been many great moments of players realizing what they have accomplished after winning a title. Although, one moment is a tearjerker above all of the rest.

Ben Touger | News Cult