Samsung Galaxy Edge: the Next Big Thing Really is Here

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.00.35 AM

Samsung prides itself on being an innovator in the smart phone game. Now, with the release on the Samsung Galaxy Edge Note, we can clearly see that they might actually be telling the truth. The Edge is unlike any other smart phone on the market today. It’s essentially two screens on one phone.

It has sleek main Quad HD display (2,560 x 1,440) that’s identical to the one on the Galaxy Note 4, and a thin curve displaying icons, widgets and whatever else its user need to have on hand. Mashable had a hand-on view of the new phone, and the detailing of the design and functionality of the phone are unparalleled today.

The most obnoxious thing about smart phone is their inability to detect false positives when you’re searching for a icon to press. Well, that doesn’t happen with Edge. The main display has a customizable column of go-to apps on the right hand side (or “the edge”). The best feature or this phone is possible it’s incredibly fast ability to switch from app to app within staling.

The Galaxy Edge is set to release this fall. The phone comes in black and white, and at this point doesn’t have a set price point. Watch the video of the future of smart phones below.

[via Mashable]