Magic Mike is Back in Full Swing: Sequel Filming Confirmed via Twitter

Image via Entertainment Weekly

Image via Entertainment Weekly

Women everywhere can breathe easy. Channing Tatum and the gang are back for the Magic Mike sequel titled Magic Mike XXL. The confirmation of the film came via Twitter compliments of the first films director Steven Soderbergh.

Co-Star Matt Bomer says, “Only the best of the best make it. It’s a strip-off to the death.” “It is a stripper convention – I can imagine if you lock those doors, things can get a little rowdy.” So, now we know the strippers hit the road and take their dancing shoes (read: thongs) with them.

The headliner, Tatum, recently told MTV,  “A s— ton of ridiculous stuff that you would never see in a movie, on the face of the earth, ever again.” If the first movie didn’t have you throwing dollar bills in the air, we have a feeling this one might.

In the words of Soderbergh, “IT’S ON!”

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