Andrew Madoff, Bernie Madoff’s Son, Dies of Lymphoma

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The Madoff family really can’t catch a break. Andrew Madoff is best know if recent years for turning in his father, Bernie Madoff, with the help of his late brother, Mark. After the dust surrounding their father’s Ponzi scheme settled the Madoff’s continued to live  life in the public eye. Today, the sad news broke that Andrew has passed away at the age of 48.

The family attorney, Martin Flumenbaum told CNBC, Andrew died at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center surrounded by his loved ones. Flumenbaum confirmed that Andrew Madoff has lost his “courageous battle against mantle cell lymphoma.” Since 2008 the Madoff family has been suffering one tragedy after another.

In 2008, Bernie Madoff plead guilty to a Ponzi scheme that defrauded hundreds of investors, and earned him billions of dollars in the process, as well as a 150-year prison sentence. In 2010, Mark, Andrew’s brother who helped bring down their father, committed suicide on the two year anniversary of their fathers arrest.

According to CNBC, Andrew Madoff told People magazine he would “never forgive” his father for his crimes and blamed the recurrence of his cancer on the stress caused by his father’s arrest and conviction. Bernie Madoff did not attend his son Mark’s funeral. There is still no word on whether or not it will be the same case with Andrew’s.

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