The Pentagon Confirms the United States Military Attacked Al-Shabab, 6 Militants Killed

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The Pentagon confirms the United States military attacked Al-Shabab, an extremist group in Somalia. Al-Shabab only exists in rural areas of Somalia after being banned in 2011 by African Union forces.  Al-Shabab has previously attacked a mall in Kenya about a year ago, killing roughly 67 people.  Because of this massacre, United States went after Al-Shabab.

Once the United States entered Somalia, many people who were suspected of spying for the United States were arrested and also had their homes searched.

Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr, who also goes by Godane was the victim of a United States drone after he left a meeting with many head leaders, a Somali official recalls. Godane is also the Al-Shabab’s spiritual leader.  With him as head, Somali managed to form an alliance with al-Quida. Once becoming aware of how dangerous Godane was, United States offered $7 million dollars for knowledge about his whereabouts.

The official states Godane “might have been killed along with other militants.” The official, who rather not be named, is not allowed to speak to reporters.  The attack occurred at the same location where Al- Shabab trains its fighters. United States has carried out many airstrikes in Somalia recently.

A United States missile murdered one of Al-Shabab top intelligence officers just this January and a car with many older members of Al-Shabab was struck by a missile and killed the group’s best explosives expert last October.

The reason for the United States latest attack is clear. Somalia government now has control over a high security prison in a town that was under fire this past Sunday. About seven dangerous and armed men had tried to break in and free other men who were imprisoned there. The men who tried to help the others escape are suspected members of Al-Shabab.

The mall attack last year was Al-Shabab’s way of retaliating against Kenya for sending military into Somalia to go after the extremists. Godane is on the record stating the attacks purpose was for westerns that support Kenya going after the group and also for “interest of their oil companies.”

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