Scott Disick Falls Into an Even Deeper Depression

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We know Scott Disick as the boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, father of two with one on the way, from that reality show The Kardashians. However, we also know Scott has a history of Alcohol problems, punching mirrors, and staying out late at nights. While worrying Kourtney and not being a hundred percent on board with her third pregnancy, it’s no surprise we are now finding out now that Scott is suffering from depression.

Of course, alcohol is a depressant and Scott was recently in a Long Island Hospital for Alcohol poisoning over the summer, but shortly after he made time for his house party in Southampton the weekend of August 23rd 2014, while Kourtney and their children were caught leaving an airport shortly before the party.

But with Millions of dollars in the bank and years of being in the public eye, why is he so stressed? Well Mental Illness has no boundaries we are all privy to it. Since the loss of Robin Williams several stars have now come out with saying they too have depression.

Depression can be genetic, lifelong, and can be a very lonely existence for someone. Did depression cause all these problems for Scott Disick? Or could he have prevented a lot of his circumstances? Scott has always referred himself as “the lord”, loves money, fame, and most of all partying.Hopefully Scott will get the help he needs, marry his longtime love Kourtney, stop partying and for one be the father he needs to be, set an example for your children.

Angela Brisotti | News Cult