How to Feel More Confident About Your Naked Body

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You have some cellulite, scars, and pimples in embarrassing places, so you’re hesitant to shed your clothes in front of another. While you’re beautiful just the way you are, your insecurities can stop you from enjoying yourself in the bedroom. You don’t want your partner to see your flaws, so you’d rather throw on the AC as an excuse to stay bundled up.

Of course, it’s much more fun to let loose and get dirty than to be shy and stay clothed. The next time you’re in bed with someone, follow these tips on feeling more confident about your body:


  1. Don’t Take it All Off

If you feel bloated, and don’t want him to see your stomach, don’t remove your shirt. You can wear something sexy like a babydoll that will cover up the area, and make you feel sexy. Of course, once you see how badly your partner wants to rip your clothes off, you’ll feel better about your body, and won’t mind stripping.


  1. Examine Him

No matter how perfect you think your partner is, he has flaws, as well. If you look closely, you’ll find something that he’s insecure about. If you remember that you’re not the only one who is self-conscious about their body, it’ll make it easier for you to lose your clothes and embrace your body.


  1. Use Your Mirrors

Before you can be comfortable getting naked with someone else, you have to be comfortable doing it alone. Stand in front of a mirror in your birthday suit, and pay attention to the most flattering parts of your body. Once you’re able to love your looks, you’ll have no problem strutting your stuff in the nude.


  1. How he Looks at You

You shouldn’t need a man’s approval to feel beautiful, but it can certainly help. When you’re naked in front of him, look at how he looks at you. See that desire in his eyes? That wouldn’t be there if he found you disgusting. He thinks you’re sexy, and he wants you to know it.


  1. Remember What’s Real

Playboy centerfolds are photoshopped. Victoria Secret models are caked with foundation. Actresses are provided with a hair and make-up team. You don’t look like the women in magazines, because those women don’t even look like that in reality. Don’t be tricked into believing that you should look thinner or curvier than you already do. The media aims to fool you.


  1. Talk Dirty

Tell him what you love about his body, and wait for him to reciprocate. When he mentions how much he loves touching the areas you’re insecure about, you’ll be able to relax. Just because you hate the size of your thighs doesn’t mean that he does. You might be surprised about what he loves the most about you.


We all know you’re a beauty, so don’t doubt it. Yes, you have flaws, but your positive traits outweigh them. There’s no reason to hate your body, because it’s an important part of you. Embrace your looks, and soon you’ll have stripper-like confidence.

Holly Riordan | News Cult