7 Ways You Know You’re Dating a Man, Not a Boy

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Women mature more quickly than men, which is why it can be so difficult to find a guy that behaves less like a whining child and more like a functional human being. It’s not much to ask for, but some guys seem to think that simple things like putting down the toilet seat is an unreasonable task they aren’t manly enough to handle.


No matter how old we get, we all want someone that can protect us, instead of someone who needs to be babied by us. It makes our lives easier, and makes our relationships more stable. Here are some signs that you can relax, because you’re actually dating a man, and not a little boy:


  1. Real Responsibilities

He has a job that provides him with enough money to survive, but that’s not all. He’s also capable of keeping plants alive, or taking care of a puppy. If he’s really tough, he’ll even manage to change a diaper without cringing. He’s so responsible that you don’t hesitate to ask him to pick you up from work when your car is in the shop, because you know he’ll show up on time.


  1. Knows Your Needs

He’s been with a few women before you, and he’s learned how to treat them. Whether you’re in the bedroom having fun or are sick with the flu, he knows what to do. He’s able to take care of you when you need him to, because he understands what you need from him.


  1. Can Compromise

If you want to spend your night binge watching Game of Thrones, but he’d rather watch hockey, you’re able to come to a compromise. You might decide to switch between the channels, watch TV in separate rooms, or designate a day for each activity. No matter what conclusion you come to, it’s a fair one.


  1. No Ridiculous Requests

A real man can take care of himself. If you stay late at the office, he’s able to cook a meal for himself that doesn’t come in a box with instructions. He can clean, catch bugs, and plunge the toilet. He won’t ask you to fold the laundry for him when he can’t figure out how to do it himself, because he already knows the ropes.


  1. Scanty Complaints

Instead of complaining to you about how dirty the dishes are, he’ll actually grab the sponge to clean them. When he voices an angry opinion, he has a damn good reason. He won’t randomly accuse you of sleeping with the guy you made eye contact with at dinner. He trusts you, so he only complains when he absolutely has to do so.


  1. Classy Closet

Aside from some cartoon boxers you can’t get him to throw out, he dresses like a mature adult. He owns a suit and knows how to keep it clean. If he has an important meeting, he won’t leave the house looking like a slob. He dresses to impress, and boy, are you always impressed.


  1. Accepts the Blame

When he messes up, he doesn’t blame someone else. He realizes that he made a mistake, and he’ll own up to it. He’s not going to lie, and he’s not going to try to get out of whatever punishment you grant him. He knows he deserves it, so he’ll take it like a man.


You’re a busy woman. You have no time for immature boys, so if a guy wants to keep you in his life, he has to prove that he’s a man. It’s a challenge he must accept if he wants the best prize out there.

Holly Riordan | News Cult