5 Things You Don’t Need to be Worrying About Right Now

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Let’s face it- we all do it: worry needlessly about things in our life we either cannot change or aren’t even issues in the first place. If you’re a natural born worrier like myself, you can’t help but stress over the small stuff, but there are a few things you absolutely do NOT have to be worrying about right now.

Your weight:

Really no one cares as much as you do and no one notices as much as you do. It’s fine, trust me. You look just fine.

The future:

Yes, of course, you should put some thought and mental energy into what is going to happen down the road, but it really isn’t something you need to stress about day in and day out. So many people spend hours and hours and days and days obsessing and mulling over what is going to happen or what the outcome of their lives will be. Here’s a hint: we all basically end up in the same place so it’s probably better to go with the flow and just, no cliché intended, do the best you can.

What your friends think:

This is a non-issue. Chances are, they don’t think about you as much as you think they do and if they do, they are probably thinking about what you think about them. You see what I mean?

Time limits:

No, you don’t need to get married by a certain age, or have a certain number of babies in the next five years. None of us need that pressure. It’s useless and exhausting.


I shouldn’t even need to explain this one

Kaitlyn Seabury  | News Cult