10 Things Ever 20 Something Misses About Being A Teenager

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1. All of your firsts: 

First times. First kisses. First dances. First boyfriends and girlfriends and break ups. Nowadays you kind of have the been-there-done-that mentality, and for good reason. You probably have seen it all so nothing seems quite as exciting.

2. Milestones:

Driving was still fun. Remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a car and you thought you were officially an adult. Yeah well, that feeling is long gone and cars have been replaced by cabs … thankfully.

3. The little things: 

Everything was important. New clothes, new phone, a failed test, a bad rumor- everything was a big deal. Twenty-somethings have this unique ability to brush everything off. You happen to get something new and cool, you’re probably over it within the day.

4. Calling out of everything: 

Sleeping in with no strings attached. Can’t do that anymore … unless you hate your job and don’t care about being fired.

5. Free time: 

The incredible amount of free time that comes with school vacations and fewer obligations.

6. Leniency: 

You’re considered mature enough to be taken seriously but still young enough to not have to deal with too many responsibilities.

7. Friendships: 

Your friends were your backbone. No matter what the world threw at you, friendship was everything. Unfortunately, as we grow up everyone kind of goes their separate ways. That’s not to say you’re no longer friends, but it’s nothing like it used to be.

8. No bills: 

Not having to pay for your own food, clothes, or internet!

9. Fearlessness: 

The infinite sense of invincibility that made you feel as though the whole world was your oyster.

10. Getting attention: 

Getting praised or acknowledged for doing work you were supposed to be doing anyway. Yeah, your boss doesn’t really pat you on the head every time you do something right. Do you wish he kind of did, though?

Nicole Belenitsky | News Cult