American Douglas McAuthur McCain Dies In Syria Fighting for ISIS

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American Douglas McAuthur McCain died at age 33 while fighting in Syria for the terror group ISIS. ISIS, a terrorist group made up of Islamic State militants, has recently become very popular in Syria and Iraq. Although the group is based abroad, it recruits willing international citizens and often puts them on the front of the line during battle. McCain was just one of many willing to serve for ISIS.

Douglas McCain is described to love basketball and to be fun loving and easy going. McCain grew up in the mid-west area. It is here where he graduated from high school in 1999. He moved to California so he can attend San Diego City College. It is unclear what he studied but according to his uncle, Ken McCain, Douglas McCain converted to Islam from Christianity soon after. McCain’s family wasn’t bothered by his conversion but became increasingly alarmed when reading his Facebook updates regarding ISIS.

Ken McCain was aware Douglas McCain was going to fight as a jihadi. According to U.S. counterterrorism investigators, they had already been watching McCain for a while now. He was already on a list of people who were suspected of being a part of a militant.

McCain is far from being the first American to fight for a militant group abroad. According to Attorney General Eric Holder, there are about 7,000 international citizens fighting in the Middle East. McCain isn’t even the first American to die abroad but his death is very important because many are under the impression he is the first American to die while serving ISIS.

Although McCain’s death is a shock, it is clear that this news is bringing more and more light to ISIS. ISIS is well aware of all the negative attention that the group is receiving and have threaten to harm and kill more American citizens if the United States decides to try and end the organization.

[via NBC News]

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