Breaking News: Ukrainian Forces Capture 10 Russian Soldiers

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Ten Russian soldiers were captured by Ukraine officials by the Russian border. Ukraine released videos of the soldiers to prove their captivity. Russia confirms the men being held hostage are a part of Russian military, but claims their soldiers crossed the border only by accident. Tensions ran high as the news about the hostages was released just before both countries sat down for talks. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko met up along with presidents of Belarus and Kazakhstan and three officials from the European Union. This will be the first time Putin and Poroshenko have sat down for talks since June.

Geoffrey R. Pyatt who is the United States ambassador to Ukraine expresses concern over the conflict in a recent tweet. “The new columns of Russian tanks and armor crossing into Ukraine indicates a Russian-directed counteroffensive may be underway. #escalation.” Both the United States and the Ukraine are worried about Russia’s tactics and questioning the way Russia is handling the conflict. “Russia’s military incursions into Ukraine- artillery, air def systems, dozens of tanks & military personnel–represent significant escalation,” Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, tweeted just a day ago. Russia’s need to escalate the situation leaves many wondering if the conflict will ever end.

The United Nations claims more than 2,000 people died since the start of the feud while approximately 330,000 people have moved away to avoid being harmed. Russia apparently has multiple soldiers surrounding the Ukrainian border, making many people speculating if Russia is planning an attack. Russian officials completely deny planning an attack on Ukraine.

During the talks Putin seem to agree that excessive force was not helpful to the crisis stating, no way can the conflict “be resolved through further escalation of the use of force.” Ukraine’s president Poroshenko seemed to have other ways to end the feud, claiming that with the correct border controls, all current issues will cease to be a problem.

With so much going on in both Russia and the Ukraine, it seems an end to the conflict is not probable. Both leaders are being stubborn in what they want and how they plan to deal with the conflict. Though both attended the talks, it is unclear if either one of them went for the main purpose of ending the feud. With the conflict getting more and more severe daily, one can only hope a resolution will be agreed upon soon.

[via Fox News]

Tamara Williams | News Cult