10 Ways You Can Update Role Playing

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Dressing up as a sexy cop or doctor is fun at first, but it gets old. Role playing is such a blast, because it lets you be someone you’re not used to being. That’s why you don’t want to keep repeating the classics, and should get inspired by your favorite TV shows. All of those hours you spent watching Netflix will pay off in the best way possible.

Here are a few ways to turn your favorite show into a role playing opportunity:


  1. End of the World (The Walking Dead)

You and your mate are the only two left in your group, so you’re relying on each other to stay alive. Your clothes are torn and tattered, and you’re out of ammo, but it creates an animalistic atmosphere. There’s no electricity during the apocalypse, so turn off your lights and search for candles. Just make sure you keep the noise down, or those pesky zombies will attack.


  1. Back in Time (Mad Men)

Pick the time period of your choice, and dress up like you belong there. Instead of seducing your mate the way you usually would, try to flirt with them like someone would court their sweetheart in the 50s. Make sure to use the slang from the time, and limit your references to events people back in the day would recognize.


  1. Stranded on an Island (Lost)

Your plane just crashed onto an island, and you’re too terrified to sleep alone. Your mate will play the part of the big, strong stranger that will keep you safe at night. Of course, you won’t end up getting much rest.


  1. Prisoner and Guard (Orange is the New Black)

You’re stuck in an all woman’s prison, and are in desperate need of the D. One of the guards is cute, and you’ve always liked men in uniform, so you decide to make the moves on him. You both know it’s wrong, but you still decide to sneak off into a closet for some fun.


  1. Roommate’s Sexual Tension (New Girl)

Pretend that you and your partner are roommates that have never hooked up before. See how long you can tease each other before you finally decide to give in and have sex. It’ll remind you of what you felt like back before you were an official couple.


  1. Have Your Pick (Bachelorette)

You’re the woman whom every man wants to get with, and your partner is lucky enough to be in bed with you. Of course, he’ll have to prove himself worthy of your body. He has a lot of competition, so if he wants to impress you, he’ll have to pleasure you like you’ve never been pleasured before.


  1. Superhero Adventure (Arrow)

Nowadays, what’s sexier than a superhero? Pretend your mate is Oliver Queen or Slade Wilson, and let the sparks fly. No one is more physically fit than a superhero, so they’ll be able to last for a pretty long time.


  1. Vampires (The Vampire Diaries)

Go ahead and give in to the craze. Pretend that your man is a vampire who is sleeping with you instead of drinking your blood. Of course, if you like neck action, then give him permission to ‘turn’ you.


  1. Queen and Servant (Game of Thrones)

Let your boyfriend treat you like royalty. Pretend that you’re a queen and he is one of your servants who’s begging for his life. He shall keep himself alive by pleasing you, or he’ll face a devastating death.


  1. Motorcycle Babes (Sons of Anarchy)

Who doesn’t love bad boys? Have your man throw on a leather jacket, and pretend to be a member of a dangerous biker gang. You know he’s trouble, but you just can’t stay away.


Holly Riordan | News Cult