What’s The Real Deal With Ferguson?: Don Lemon VS. Talib Kweli

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In light of the protest that’s occurring in Ferguson, MO, just about every new outlet on the planet has been on the ground with protesters. Some reporters may be there just for work, while others may be there to both work and support. The  death of Michael Brown has touched a number of people from those within his community, people from other states and a handful celebrities. In a recent on air interview between CNN’s Don Lemon and hip hop icon Talib Kweli, tension flared surrounding the teenagers death.

For those who have not seen the video, Kweli was asked to meet with Lemon for a brief live interview concerning the protest. Before any real issues and concerns could be discussed, Kweli voiced his opinion about an article that was posted on CNN’s website that suggest  bottles were thrown during a peaceful protest. He felt as though the station was fabricating information. Lemon, was trying to address all Kweli’s statements to clear up the misunderstanding. Perhaps, he should have just let Kweli go on a rant because the more Lemon tried to speak the more upset Kweli got. At one point he threatened to not do the interview and even alleged that Lemon was so busy in his phone that he never was properly addressed.

As a result of miscommunication and misunderstanding both men forgot what they were truly there to discuss. Whether Kweli felt the station was unfair and unbalanced in their coverage, and whether Lemon felt they delivered justly was not the subject at hand.  In the end both men were able to respectfully and peacefully agree to disagree and despite the tension that took place they were able shake hands and part ways.

Watch the whole video below:

Akeera Weathers | News Cult