College vs. The Real World: 15 Ways Your Life Changes Once You Graduate

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15 lifestyles changes you will need to make the day after you graduate…

1.) College: The weekend starts Thursday afternoon and ends just about whenever you want it to.


Real World: The weekend starts Saturday morning unless you ‘re working the weekend shift, then, perhaps, never.


2.) College: You can wear your pajamas to class and have that be completely normal.

Real World: Simply, not so. A suit, tie and some clean underwear are unfortunate necessities while climbing up that corporate ladder; say good-bye to guilt free sweatpants.


3.) College: Cheap alcohol pours from the faucet like water. And you’ll certainly get your 8 recommended daily cups.

Real World: Alcohol on the weekend is crucial in dealing with any job. However we truly can’t handle a hangover like our 18-year selves did. They were warriors.


4.) College: Run into friends all day long on campus. You can walk two minutes without seeing someone you either know well or have hooked up with.

Real world: Everybody has gone separate ways and the spontaneous run-in has become a thing of the past. Post-grad life will see everybody you know living and working in various locations.


5.) College: A good night ends at 4am. A great night doesn’t end; rather drinking simply never stops.

Real World: Adulthood and work life puts even the hardest partier to sleep at hours unheard for their freshman selves


6.) College: Occasionally skip class without care because the professor posts their notes online and almost never takes attendance.

Real World: Skip work and get fired.

7.) College: Humans are natural hunter/gatherers. The university meal plan has changed this. Meals are already prepared and in one central location. This sounds like a seemingly good deal, but one never truly knows what’s in that cafeteria food.

Real World: Nourishment will be achieved the old fashioned way: by purchasing groceries and actually cooking something–a much more complex series of steps with a far greater chance of injury.


8.) College: Drinks at the local university bar max out at $3.00; a perk that can be helpful with that light wallet.

Real World: Those $1 drink specials no longer exist out here. Drinks at a real life, adult bar will run you a bit more. The pregame has never been more crucial.


9.) College: Hook up with everybody, everywhere and not think twice about it.

Real World: Thinking twice about it…awkward office hookups can make a long day at work feel even longer and more horrendous.


10.) College: University-labeled apparel is seen endlessly and is the preferred way to show school pride and stay comfortable.

Real World: College wear, post grad, is the perfect way to tell everyone at Starbucks that you’re the pretentious asshole that went to Cornell.


11.) College: Turns you into an alcoholic.

Real World: Turns you into an alcoholic.


12.) College: Campus cops have very little authority, their bullets are rubber and their deposition is generally chill.

Real World: The police have endless authority; their bullets are real and disposition sour.


13.) College: Professors at most institutions are hopefully laid back just enough to push an extra few days on that ‘hard’ deadline for the 10-page research paper.

Real World: Deadlines very real and the bosses don’t smoke quiet as much pot as your Environment Ethics professor


14.) College: Seasonal breaks are small reminders of how rough your high school self had it living at home; luckily, winter break ends in 2 ½ weeks you will be the hell out of there!

Real World: You spend months counting down to your next vacation, and months saving for your eventual trip to nowhere. You are stuck at home for good now and are still fully in denial about it.

15.) College: “I love my major”

Real World: “Wow, I should have picked any other major”

Adam Giladi | News Cult