BBC Radio 1 Fights to Stay Relevant In The Age of YouTube Stardom

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With the downfall of young listeners, BBC Radio 1 has enlisted some of UK’s top YouTube stars to add some much needed listenership.

The station announced today that nine YouTubers and one duo, will take turns guest hosting a weekly one-hour radio show. The show’s DJs Dan and Phil will regularly host the show, but the YouTube sensations will be the main attraction.

Each week one of the stars will guest host while the show is live streamed on the station’s website. Radio 1 hopes that with these YouTube stars fame, between them they have 27 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 15 million Facebook likes, they will attract their target young audience and fulfill its mission of being a genuine youth station.

So which YouTube stars did they choose?

  1. TomSka, aka Thomas Ridgewell – 3 million subscribers.
  2. Tyler Oakley – 5.1 million subscribers.
  3. Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg – 6 million subscribers.
  4. Marcus Butler – 2.8 Million subscribers.
  5. Troye Sivan – 2.5 million subscribers.
  6. Thatcher Joe, aka Joe Sugg and Zoe Suggs’ younger brother – 2.7 million subscribers.
  7. Caspar Lee – 2.9 million subscribers.
  8. Sprinkle of Glitter, aka Louise Pentland – 1.6 million subscribers.
  9. Patricia Bright – 444,00 subscribers.
  10. Jack & Dean – 360,00 subscribers.

The show is set to air on September 1st at 9pm.

Tatiana Pile | News Cult