10 Ways Women Want Men To Dress

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Suit & Tie:

J.T. said it best. For ladies whose lifestyle requires numerous social gatherings and events, they most definitely do not want you going with them wearing jeans and a t-shirt. As a general rule, couples should somewhat match what they’re wearing. I cannot explain how uncomfortable a girl feels wearing a ball gown while her companion is wearing shorts and sneakers.

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Floral Print:

This is tricky and probably isn’t for everyone, but I feel it’s worth #2 on the list. To do floral the right way it should be worn only with solid colors.

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Suede shoes:

I am the biggest fan of suede shoes. Two simple reasons; they are comfortable and classy. Comfort should be the #1 thing anyone would consider when buying shoes. Women learned this the hard way, but men have it a bit easier.

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Plain white tee:

I love wearing white t-shirts. Main reason, I don’t have to spend time matching colors. You can’t ruin a look with a white t-shirt. Although, some men manage to by buying all their shirts in an extra small size. Big mistake.

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The Polo:

I understand that some men will say this is too “preppy” nevertheless it’s on this list.

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The Blazer:

No one will argue that the blazer was a great invention. For men and women both. Its versatile style lets you wear it casually and formally. I cannot think of a place or event where it can’t be worn, therefore a great investment.

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Don’t be afraid of color:

Women love color, and hate the fact that men are afraid they won’t look manly enough in it. Like the above suggested floral, and colorful suede, if put on right will only make you look confident.

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But remember simplicity is key:

Woman are just as likely to be turned off by a man who overdoes his outfit. Just because we demand a bit of color here and there does not mean we want him to go crazy with it. Solid colors work for everyone, keep that in mind.

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I have believed for the longest time that men should not wear jewelry. A man with bracelets meant no second date. This was all until a met a guy for whom it totally worked. Here, I would say tread lightly. And remember you’re not a Christmas tree.

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“Tailoring, fit, and proportion”- As put by designer Rhoxy Villasenor. I have saved the best for last. Whatever you chose to wear, to make it look good you have to remember these three simple rules.

Ellen Marie Prohorovskaya | News Cult