7 Dos and Don’ts of Dirty Talk

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If your partner is anything like Jason Derulo, they’ll want you to talk dirty to them. Even though your decision to sleep with them makes it clear that you’re attracted to them, it’s always nice to be verbally reassured. I mean, don’t you love hearing how hot you are? Actions don’t always speak louder than words, which is why you have to balance the two. If you have a habit of stumbling over your sentences, or can’t figure out what to say that’s sexy enough, then you should pay attention to these important dos and don’ts of dirty talk:

Do Say What You Like

Telling your partner what you want them to do to you will accomplish two things. It will turn them on, and more importantly, it will ensure that you get exactly what you need. Would you rather have your partner guess what feels good for you, and hope that they get it right? It’s much easier to just whisper some magic words in their ear, and have them do as you wish.

Don’t Talk About Your Day

Random thoughts can pop into your head during intercourse, but you should keep them to yourself until the deed is done. If one second you’re moaning about how good their hands feel, and the next second you’re reminding them to do the dishes before they go to sleep, the mood will be ruined. You can talk about your day and nag them about chores once the fun is over. Until then, use your lips for other purposes.

Do Use Dirty Words

Now is not the time to refer to his genitalia with technical terms. Use the dirty words that you wouldn’t say in front of your grandparents. If you use words that make you sound like you’re a thesaurus, then no one will be happy. You should let loose with laymen’s terms, despite how dirty they sound. Trust me, your partner won’t complain.

Don’t Mention An Ex

It’s obvious that you shouldn’t scream out your ex’s name in the bedroom. However, you shouldn’t refer to an ex in a subtle way either. Don’t say that you always like when guys take control if your partner has never taken control before. He’ll know that you’re referring to a man from your past. Instead, simply tell him that you want him to dominate you. That way, it’ll keep his mind from thinking about all of the other men you’ve pleasured before.

Do Get Soft Then Loud

If you’re not stuck in a room next to your parents where you’re required to keep your voices low and the bed from squeaking, then alternate between being quiet and loud. You can whisper into your partner’s ear when their body is pressed up against you, and then you can loudly moan about how good they feel a few minutes later. Switch it up, so things never get boring.

Don’t Mumble

This isn’t a time to be shy. If you say, “Don’t stop,” but it sounds like a question, your partner won’t be flattered. It could actually negatively impact their self-esteem, which is why you have to speak with confidence. Even if you feel ridiculous spitting out sexy phrases, fake it ‘till you make it. Once you see the intense response you get from your lover, you’ll stop feeling silly, and the confidence will become genuine.

Do Use His Name

It’s cute to use pet names every once in a while, but your partner has probably called dozens of other people the same exact thing. That’s why it’s always nice to be called by your real name. It belongs to you, so when it’s moaned into your ear, you know that they’re living in the moment, and not fantasizing about someone else.

Holly Riordan | News Cult