10 Styles From the 60’s Brought Back

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The Military Style Dress– Inspired by the military uniform is a great piece to be worn on a first date. The dress is characterized by oversized gold buttons for a bold look. It’s not casual and won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.

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The Polka Dot- The polka dot style is the shortcut to classy. Navy blue or a combination of black and white can accentuate any piece, whether it’s a dress, skirt, or even shorts. This simple outfit will turn heads, whether you’re going out for brunch, or joining friends for a Polo match.

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Oversized sunglasses- Seems like just yesterday frameless sunglasses were spotted on every girl on the beach. Today almost everyone has a pair of oversized glasses with frames. My preference goes to the Cat Eye sunglasses, also brought to us by the fashion wave of the 60’s.

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The Leopard Print– The famous leopard print that (surprisingly) we still see today, also delivered to us from the 60’s. Everybody has it. I don’t mean the really flashy leopard leggings, but if you look around your closet you will definitely spot a piece of leopard somewhere. I already found two, leopard flats, and a leopard print leather bag.

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Colorful Jumpsuits– Brought to us by the same people who created tie dye. For the past year I have been seeing more and more loose-fit pants (which sometimes can be mistaken for pajama pants) with random prints and shapes.

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The High-Waist Skirt– My personal favorite. This does wonders for any body type, because it hides everything you want to hide and flaunts everything you wish to show.

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The Pleaded Skirt– An absolutely beautiful piece and must have for any self proclaimed fashionista. Creates an elegant and romantic appearance. Guys, don’t be fooled by this one.

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The Little Black Dress– Or how they say “a must have” even though I acquired one just a few months ago. Must say this piece is very useful for office parties and meetings. Classy and not flashy.

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Cleopatra Eyes– This is probably the most used technique for eyeliner. It is also frequently used by make-up artists who work with photo models.

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Big Hair– Who doesn’t want voluminous hair? Especially those of us who have very thin and limp hair. Thankfully today there are plenty of products we can use if not to fix the situation, but definitely enhance any style.

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Ellen Marie Prohorovskaya | News Cult